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Surgery to remove sagging in the anterior abdominal wall after birth or due to excessive weight gain and loss is called tummy tuck surgery. In tummy tuck surgery, it is entered with an incision just below the cesarean section lying between the two ends of the pelvis and the excess skin and sagging tissues on the anterior abdominal wall are resected (surgically removed). On the anterior abdominal wall, there are two vertically parallel muscles between the rib cage and the pelvis. During pregnancy, these muscles move away from each other in order to make room for the developing child. In abdominoplasty, these muscles are stitched closer to each other by standing on top of each other. The effect of this is like a permanent corset placed under the skin; It slims the waist and provides a flattening of the anterior abdominal wall. If the sagging of the anterior abdominal wall is excessive, the part up to the belly button is discarded and the skin is stretched and a new belly button is created; this is called full tummy tuck surgery. If the sagging is limited only under the navel, only the underbelly part is removed without the navel renewal, which is called mini abdominoplasty surgery.
Today, all abdominoplasty surgeries are combined with liposuction method. Thus, it is possible to provide a better contour.
The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 2-3 hours. After staying as a guest in the hospital for 1 night after the operation, you are discharged the next day. Approximately 4-5 days of rest is required. The patient can take a shower from the 2nd day. The patient should use a corset for a month and avoid exercises that force the abdominal muscles for approximately 1.5 months.

These are surgeries that require preparation before abdominoplasty. The points that patients should pay attention to before the operation are as follows;

If he / she smokes, he / she should quit smoking approximately 15 days before the surgery.

If he is using a blood thinning drug such as aspirin and if there is no harm in stopping it, the drug should be discontinued 15 days before the operation

The patient should ensure that the intestines are empty as much as possible by taking soft and watery food the day before the surgery (although the patient does not feel comfortable on the morning of the surgery, the intestines are relaxed by doing an enema),

If he is using birth control pills, he should stop this one month before the operation.