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Liposuction is a surgical method based on the removal of the fat that has accumulated in certain parts of the body and caused the deterioration of the body lines with the help of negative pressure using various cannulas. The goal in liposuction surgery is to correct the contour (body lines).

Liposuction is not a slimming method. The patient group that will benefit from this surgery is the group of patients with an ideal weight or close to their ideal weight and suffering from fat accumulation in certain areas.

Although this method can be applied to any area with fat and discomfort, the main areas of application are waist, hip, belly circumference, under the chin (jowl), arms, legs and inner parts of the knee.

If the area to be applied is limited, it is possible to perform the procedure with local anesthesia (regional numbness). However, if multi-zone liposuction is to be performed, general anesthesia is mostly preferred. It will be more appropriate to stay in the hospital for one night in patients who are preferred general anesthesia.

After liposuction surgery, the patient should use a special corset for 1 month. In the first two weeks, he / she uses the corset for 24 hours, day and night, provided that he / she does not remove the corset except for the need for toilet and bath. In the second 15 days, it can be used during the day and removed at night. The patient can easily return to work within a period of 3 days to 1 week, depending on the physical activity requirement of the job.

It takes a few months for the real result to be obtained after the liposuction procedure. In this process, massage application or LPG treatment can be considered as supportive treatments to have smoother lines.

One of the most frequently asked questions by liposuction patients is what happens if I gain weight after surgery. If the patient gains weight after liposuction, the areas where the liposuction has been applied and the areas that have not been made gain weight in proportion and there is no deterioration in the contour obtained.