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The ear structure (appearance) that occurs when the angle between the ear and the head is more than normal or the folds in the ear cartilage are underdeveloped or both deformities are present is called prominent ear deformity.

It completes 80% of the ear development at the age of approximately 3 years. For this reason, one of the operations that can be performed at the earliest age in aesthetic surgery is prominent ear surgery.

In primary school ages, children are very cruel and hurtful to each other due to their physical characteristics. For a child with prominent ear deformity, this is an inevitable psychological trauma. With the advantage of early completion of ear development, it would be appropriate to plan this surgery around the age of 5 in order to prevent psychological trauma that may be experienced as a mockery in primary school age. However, this surgery is usually performed in adolescence throughout our country.

The surgery is based on reshaping the cartilage structures of the ear with various stitches. Since the whole process is completed with an incision made behind the ear, no visible traces are left.

General anesthesia is inevitable if the patient is in childhood. However, if the patient is in adolescence or adult, it is possible to perform this operation with local anesthesia (regional anesthesia). In ear surgeries performed outside of childhood, local anesthesia should be preferred, especially if the patient does not require general anesthesia. The reason for this is that at the end of the surgery, the patient has the opportunity to see his ears before the bandaging is done, and thus, he has the opportunity to express his views.

At the end of the operation, a little rough dressing is applied with a bandage, and on the next 2 days, the bandage is opened and the athlete’s band is applied. In the first 15 days, the patient uses the sports band for 24 hours, except when taking a bath and occasionally to rest for a short time; From the 15th day, it completes a total of 1 month, provided that it is used only while lying down.