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Mastopexy (Breast Lift )

With the inevitable effect of recurrent weight gain and loss, pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding, advancing age and gravity on the breasts, sagging breasts may occur. With aesthetic breast lift surgery, while breasts are reshaped, the sagging breast tissues are collected, excess skin is removed and the nipple is moved to where it should be. If there is a large amount of loss of fullness in the breast, it means that only lifting will not be enough. In such cases, silicone implant application (breast prosthesis) is combined with lifting surgery in order to provide the lost fullness. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. There is an average operation time of about two and a half hours. As in all surgeries performed under general anesthesia, one night should be spent in the hospital as a guest after breast lift surgery.

Patients can take a bath on the second day after surgery. Patients who do not have a very heavy physical job can return to work after 3 to 4 days. However, they cannot do sports that will strain the chest muscles for approximately 1 month. In addition, patients are required to use sports bras for 3 months and not to use underwire bras.

In breast lift surgery, even if it will be erased over time, some scars will remain. These scars differ depending on the surgery technique to be chosen. However, the point that should not be forgotten is the shape and form of the breast that are more important than the scars. In short, it is a wrong idea to give up shape and form in order to leave less traces.

Another technique that has recently entered the literature is REDUCTION-AUGMENTATION MASTOPEXY  SURGERY. Basically in this surgery; It is the application of an implant (prosthesis) during lifting in order to increase the volume while the lower part of the sagging breast tissue is removed. The advantage of this technique is that over time, the breast tissue is prevented from sagging again. This technique gives very good results compared to the implant application performed with only uprightening and straightening.