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Buttock Reshaping

The important point in shaping the butt is to consider the waist, hip and butt area as a whole. An intervention focused only on the buttocks may be insufficient. It is possible to make the buttocks look fuller, upright and bigger with liposuction (fat removal) to be applied only to the waist of a patient with fat in the waist area. With the same logic, the butt will still look flat and small, regardless of what is done to enlarge the buttocks of a thick and fatty person.

The main purpose of shaping the buttocks is not to enlarge the buttocks, but to make the contour (lines) in the waist, butt and hips clear.It is possible to reach two goals and double the effect to be achieved by injecting (giving) the fat taken from the waist area to the butt. While the waist gets thinner, the butt also grows.

Another method in butt enlargement is implant application. The only disadvantage of the butt implant application, which is a very effective method, except that it is a foreign body compared to fat injection, is that the healing process is a little more painful and difficult. However, implants (prosthesis) application is inevitably the only method for women with thin and thin waist, in short, in patients who are not likely to obtain enough fat.