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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is the procedure to make the breast smaller and aestheticaly more acceptible shape. Sometimes breast reduction is done for physical complains. For example neck and back pain due to  heavyness of the breast or dermatitis under the breast area . There are more than one surgery techniques for breast reduction. According to techniques scar will be differ in shape and place on the breast. Which technique will be chosen is depends on breast shape , amount of reduction and age of  the patient. During breast reduction breast is also elevated and sagging problems of breast is also solved. Breast feeding is also affected during surgery. And the level how much it will be affected is depends on the technique . So in young patients we try to preserve as much as possible milk ducts. While  considering all these informations surgeon will chose the best technique for  individual patient. Breast reduction is done under general anesthesia it means patient completely sleep. One night hospital stay is preferred after surgery. We advise using sports bra for at least 3 months after surgery. Tabocca usage affects healing period negatively so it must be stopped before surgery as early as possible . Before operation ,all candidates must be evaluated with breast ultrasonography and mamagraphy to determine if there is  any existing pathologic problems of the breast like breast cancer. And also all material taken during surgery should be sent to pathologcal examination. Breast reduction surgery generally last 2.5 hours  Breast reduction surgery usually does not cause to much pain and simple pain killers usually are enough.