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Lip Augmentation

Structurally, some people’s lips may be thinner (relatively) or some loss of fullness may occur with age. In such cases, it is possible to provide fullness to the lips, to make them thicker and, most importantly, to make their lines more pronounced with various methods.

Lip enhancement methods can be examined roughly in two parts. Temporary benefits and permanent ones.

Temporarily beneficial methods are thickening the lips with fillers.

As a filling material, a laboratory-produced form of a ready-made substance that exists in our body can be used, as well as fat taken from the person himself. Although some permanent effect can be obtained from time to time if oil is used, it is generally useful to accept it as a temporary method.

Another method is the implant method applied to the lips. Just like the implants (prostheses) used in breast augmentation, there are implants made of silicone developed to thicken the lips, and the effect is permanent if lip thickening is applied with these implants.