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Fat Injection

It is the surgery where the adipose tissue taken from the patient is given to the desired areas of the patient with the help of an injector. Although it is usually applied to the face area, it can be applied to almost any area on the body where you want it to be fuller and more voluminous.
Fat removal and application procedures can be performed under local anesthesia (regional anesthesia), or if it will be applied to more than one area or if it will be applied in large amounts (such as butt enlargement, breast enlargement), it should be performed under general anesthesia.

The area where the fat will be taken varies according to the amount to be injected, but it is usually the abdomen, waist and hip area.
Major application areas; lip thickening, clarification of cheekbones, removal of deep wrinkles on the sides of the mouth, butt enlargement, breast augmentation.

Around 20% to 90% of the amount of oil given will melt over time. This means that the fat injection may need to be repeated several times. Since there is a wide percentage difference between the melting rates, the continuity of the results obtained varies considerably from patient to patient.

The factor that most affects the permanence of the injected fat is the area where the oil is injected. In parts such as the butt, cheekbone area, more benefits are provided and the permanence is longer, especially the lip permanence is quite weak.
Although swelling and bruises may occur in the areas where the oil injection is applied, it will usually dissipate slowly within a few days.
Patients with small amounts of fat injection under local anesthesia can go home on the same day, but patients who have undergone large amounts of fat injection and have been operated under general anesthesia are hosted in the hospital overnight.