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Classic face lift surgery

Classical facelift surgery is a surgical technique that needs to be intervened in the skin and is generally preferred in middle-aged and older patients. Both temples start from the scalp, extend from the front of the ear and turn behind the ear, and the incision is completed on the scalp behind the ear; It can be defined as an intervention in the skin and especially subcutaneous tissues. It is also possible to stretch the neck area with the classic facelift incision.


Endoscopic face lift surgery

Endoscopic facelift surgery is performed by making bilateral incisions of approximately 2 cm on the scalp of the temple area, the scalp of the crown area and the inner part of the mouth.
In this surgical technique, subcutaneous fat tissues, especially in the mid-face position, sagging with the effects of gravity over time or anatomically located below, are carried upwards. In the endoscopic face lift surgery, stretching of the temples and lifting the eyebrows can also be provided when necessary. Endoscopic facelift surgery is a technique preferred in young and middle-aged patients who do not require skin intervention. It would not be wrong if we define the effect of endoscopic facelift surgery as adding more vitality to the face and removing the tired facial expression on the face rather than as rejuvenation.
Facelift operations are not very painful operations, they create a feeling of tension due to edema and this feeling continues for approximately one to two weeks. Almost all of the bruises that may occur in this process disappear, but it may take a few months for the final surgical procedure to emerge.